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Eden Mills Initiatives


A project such as this has never been undertaken in North America before – this is a first of its kind! We hope to establish a Scientific Advisory Board of world-class scientists and researchers to advise us on our various projects and to identify research opportunities that may be of value to our broader society.


With the help of our Partners at The University of Guelph a door-to-door household survey will be conducted by students to establish the baseline Carbon Footprint of the Village. We hope to have annual updates conducted thereafter, which will help us to see our progress. Participation is strictly voluntary and we encourage everyone to participate.


We hope to bring information about existing government programmes and rebates for homeowners to the village and also arrange Home Audits, Conservation Clinics and other Conservation initiatives that will help us all to reduce our fuel costs and at the same time, our carbon footprint.


We hope to establish alternatives for some car trips through initiatives like a safe-bike route or trail to Rockwood, lobbying for better public transportation links, helpful ways to find a carpooling partner for commuters, and making it easier to find or purchase locally produced food.


To keep abreast of new information we have built this website, and are working to keep it current and up to date. You can also attend the ‘Eden Mills And Our Natural Environment’ talk series and hear world-class speakers on a variety of topics. Volunteers from the village are also working  to create an action oriented environmental club for kids and efforts are being made to work with our school board to build a prototype ‘Green Classroom’.

Green Power

We hope to establish the feasibility of local power generation including Solar, Wind and Hydro. Planning is currently underway to establish a large solar panel array within the village. Local sustainable woodlots are also an important part of achieving carbon neutrality, and we are working on organizing some workshops and lectures on this topic.

CO2 Sequestration

With help from our partners at the University of Guelph we hope to conduct a biological survey of the existing plantings, and then with the support of researchers in this  field establish a plan for tree planting that will help to absorb some of the carbon we produce as part of everyday life. The Wellington County Green Legacy Fund has already offered to supply the trees for planting.

To volunteer, share ideas or for more information, please email:



A project of the Eden Mills Millpond Conservation Association Inc.

The Eden Mills Going Carbon Neutral Project is supported in part by a grant from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment’s Community Go Green Fund.