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“Recent greenhouse gas emissions place the Earth perilously close to dramatic climate change that could run out of control, with great dangers for humans and other creatures.” 

This is a quote from a group of leading international scientists writing in a Royal Society publication. What these scientists are telling us is that global climate patterns are changing with a speed and intensity never before seen in human history.

While the scientific wo rld is aware of the scale and potential impact of rapid climate change, so are ordinary citizens everywhere…and that’s a good thing.

Every day, more and more people are becoming aware that climate change is the most urgent challenge facing the world.

We are coming to understand that Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is the most important greenhouse gas causing climate change and the major source of carbon emissions comes from the fossil fuels we burn.

While ‘climate change’ is a top priority for Canadians, according to public opinion polls, Canada is one of the top contributors to carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per person in the world. Canada’s output of CO2 per person is 200% greater than that of the UK and 300% than that of France.

Part of the Problem

It is human activity and consumption that are the major drivers of carbon emissions. It’s a fact that the problems of global climate change exist on a gigantic scale. It’s also a fact that the size and complexity of the problem can freeze us into inaction.

Part of the Solution

We need to mobilize and begin to take action at a grass roots level. 

Because the way we humans live and behave is one of the major contributors to carbon emissions, we are the ones who must provide the solutions. We must become agents of positive change. (Pictured: a house made of straw -- designed and built in Eden Mills.)

Our history is populated with examples of small groups of individuals banding together with a common purpose who were able to affect great change.

Becoming carbon neutral requires that we change the way we behave and think about the products we use. It’s about changing the way we live.

It’s about working together to create a planet with a sustainable environment for our children and grand children.

Inaction is not an option.


A project of the Eden Mills Millpond Conservation Association Inc.

The Eden Mills Going Carbon Neutral Project is supported in part by a grant from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment’s Community Go Green Fund.