Community Hall Audit

2007-2008: Community Hall Emissions Survey

Eden Mills has one public building, the Eden Mills Community Hall. The Hall is the hub of community life. With a main space seating 200, and two meeting rooms as well as a kitchen, it is almost never empty. The Eden Mills Community Club pays the energy bills and manages the building which is jointly owned by the Community and the Municipality. No CO2 study of Eden Mills would be complete without a look at the Hall.

During the spring and summer of 2008, we conducted a thorough energy audit of the Hall. Through the donated services of Richard Lay, an Eden Mills resident, and his company, Enermodal Engineering, no draft was left unmeasured. The Community Hall Study showed us just how energy inefficient the old building was. The study is a blueprint for the best of energy audits.


Read the full report here, and the appendices:

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